Lara Lizard

I'm Lara and I don't act my age. I post randomness here and keep my personal / style blog there.
Not for the serious minded, may cause irritation.
Anonymous asked: Hey! I noticed your blogger blog is now invite only?? Your blog was always one of my favorites to read, and I'm coming back from a hiatus from blogging. Just wondering what's going on! :)


Hi! Welcome back from hiatus :D !
I’m not updating the blogger blog anymore, but I’m over at Wordpress : . It’s mainly in Finnish, but with English translations at least in brief :) 
And thanks ^^

pmraptor98 asked: Hey Lara! How's life with you?


Hi, I’m great thanks! What about you?


70s Japan!!
Lovely eyeball Daddy, Medama no Oyaji from Gegege no Kitaro !!
Not The Residents :)

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